“I am interested only in what my eyes see rather than what my ears hear. Therefore, I am not ego. I am consciousness that is shaped into a human being.”

Renae Geddes

“In every moment we can choose our emotion and if we choose love, we can reap the abundant joy of life. So choose love... the polar opposite of fear.”

Renae Geddes

“I yearn to be nowhere but at home and my home is nowhere but a spiritual state that has been awoken in my own mind.”

Renae Geddes

“Through love, we can obtain heaven on earth - it all starts with our own awareness.”

Renae Geddes

“The authentic beauty found deep in the essence of life, is the truth.”

Renae Geddes

“Today is not for discovering and existing - it is for living and creating.”
Renae Geddes

“The moment you realise there is no box, is the moment your life truly begins.”

Renae Geddes

"As she lay her head down and a moment before slumber, she smiled because she knew.”

Renae Geddes

August 19,2016

Renae Geddes The West australian artist 

The West Australian Newspaper Interview

Artist Paints Bright Future by Emma Bergmeier-Varian

Artist Renae Geddes back in Perth. Her work will be on show at the Melbourne Park Hyatt Hotel. Picture: Sharon Smith


As she prepares to exhibit her artwork at one of Melbourne's most luxurious hotels, it's clear that Renae Geddes' decision to move to the east coast has paid off.


Geddes, who is a distant relative of world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes, cannot wait to see her paintings on the walls of the Park Hyatt.


"I'm pinching myself," the Perth-raised talent told AAA while in town visiting friends and family ahead of her exclusive collaboration with the five-star destination.


"It's really great to be associated with them because they're probably the most prestigious hotel in Melbourne."


Three years after moving to Australia's cultural capital in the hope of propelling her art practice into the national spotlight, the 32-year-old, who recently completed a residency at Melbourne's Adelphi Hotel, is well on the way to achieving her goal.


"I'm focused on taking over Melbourne, it's just about timing," she said. "In my opinion Melbourne is the best city in Australia for creatives and the arts. Art is as much a part of the city as food culture. There's so much going on and the opportunities in the arts industry are mind-boggling."


Noted for her modern abstract style, Geddes can't imagine life without her paints and canvas.

"It's what I was born to do and I'm happiest when I'm painting and creating," she enthused. "I can paint for 10 hours and not be bothered to eat or sit for six hours and not move at all while I paint - I get so entrenched in what I'm doing." 


"I'm obsessed- I sleep, breathe and eat art. I sleep with notepads next to me and I'm always jotting down ideas. I'm highly creative because I meditate and live an organic, natural life and I meditate two or three times a day. My life revolves around creativity and keeping myself open to source energy."