“I am interested only in what my eyes see rather than what my ears hear. Therefore, I am not ego. I am consciousness that is shaped into a human being.”

Renae Geddes

“In every moment we can choose our emotion and if we choose love, we can reap the abundant joy of life. So choose love... the polar opposite of fear.”

Renae Geddes

“I yearn to be nowhere but at home and my home is nowhere but a spiritual state that has been awoken in my own mind.”

Renae Geddes

“Through love, we can obtain heaven on earth - it all starts with our own awareness.”

Renae Geddes

“The authentic beauty found deep in the essence of life, is the truth.”

Renae Geddes

“Today is not for discovering and existing - it is for living and creating.”
Renae Geddes

“The moment you realise there is no box, is the moment your life truly begins.”

Renae Geddes

"As she lay her head down and a moment before slumber, she smiled because she knew.”

Renae Geddes

June 10,2016

Renae Geddes Artist Melbourne

Adelphi is changing up it's happy hour!  It's inviting you to come down and paint the town red (literally) as it's lobby transforms into a live art studio from June 14 to July 1.

You can spend the afternoon sipping on delicious wines and getting your daily dose of artistic inspiration from featured local Melbourne artist Renae Geddes.

Tuesday to Friday during the pop-up, hotel guests and visitors can enjoy complimentary antipasto and an extended happy hour from 4.30pm to 6.30pm while discussing all things art and culture in and around Melbourne, with Renae. 

Adelphi managing director Dion Chandler, said the hotel has always enjoyed featuring Australian artists. "We're incredibly proud of our current collection and our guests are always interested to know more about the artists we feature,' Dion said.

"When we met Renae we thought, what better way to feature her work than to have her in-house where people can ask questions and really engage with her art."

With a background in graphic design, Renae now works with oil paint, oil sticks and creates flow art and illustrations - preferring not to limit herself with a single discipline.

Renae's work shows a passion for living in the moment, saying your state of mind is the key to creating beautiful and positive work.

"My work aims to harness the love and peace I have for life and the joy I feel in our world, so that others may experience this energy whilst in the presence of my creation."

Renae has unveiled a bold and vibrant painting of the Adelphi Hotel and commented, "I am honored to have been commissioned such an iconic Melbourne Hotel to paint. I wanted to highlight the unique overhang of the rooftop pool, which is one of the most photographed pools in the world." 

The exclusive 'Adelphi painting' prints are available to purchase in archival quality only at the Adelphi Hotel.

Adelphi's live art sessions will run 4.30pm-6.30pm, Tuesday to Friday from June 14 to July 1. Visitors will enjoy an extended happy hour featuring half price oysters, $15 glasses of Louis Roederer and complimentary antipasto.